Hub Core

Features :

Full Tablist - 1.7 and 1.8 Support

Scoreboard - 1.7 and 1.8 Support, with EzQueue Support

Server Selector System (Editable in Config.yml)

Vault API Support - Most Permission Plugins Supported

Anti Rain

Anti Crop Trampling

Anti Damage / Damage Toggle

Anti Hunger

Anti Block Break (Configurable)

Player Visability Toggle (Configurable)

Map Height Limit (Configurable)

Lobby Speed (Configurable)

Chat Formating (Configurable)

Join & Leave Messages (Configurable)

Staff Only Join (Configurable)

Donor Only Join (Configurable)

Anti Chatting (Configurable)

Custom Help Message (Configurable)


Void Teleport

Double Jump (Toggle)

Hub Fly

Hub Reload

Ability to Customize Most Messages (In Config.yml)

Toggle Feature for almost every feature (In Config.yml)

So Much More...

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SketchSM - Ultimate Staff-Mode plugin

Features :

- Freeze + FreezeGUI (Anti Self-destruct)

- Inventory Inspect

- Enhanced player list to stop players from using tricks to find out how many staff are on

- Clicks per second checker with a configurable amount of seconds it checks

- Random Teleport (Does not teleport to staff) With MinerTP

- Clear chat (Doesn't clear for staff)

- Mute chat (Doesn't mute for staff)

- Slow chat (Doesn't slow for staff)

- Report players with a configurable cooldown

- Punish players with a fancy + fully configurable GUI

- Restore players inventory

- Set your staff pin and login to make sure nobody hacks your account

- Talk to all online staff without any players knowing

- Block words from being said

- Change permissions to certain things

- Change every single message possible

- Manage chat with an easy to use GUI

- Request help from staff with a configurable cooldown

- Give your YouTubers /panic so hackers don't kill them

- Check players for a precise Anti Knockback checker

- Check players ores mined

- Freeze the entire server

- Remove staff items if the player uses them w/o being in staffmode

- Enhanced AntiLeak

- Developer API

- Major Improvements Coming Soon!

Freeze: SketchSM Staff+

FreezeGUI: SketchSM

Inspect: SketchSM Staff+

1.7: SketchSM Staff+

1.8+: SketchSM Staff+

Enhanced list: SketchSM

CPS: SketchSM Staff+

Ride player: Staff+ SketchSM

Random TP: SketchSM Staff+

Miner TP: SketchSM

Clearchat: SketchSM Staff+

Mutechat: SketchSM Staff+

Pick Slowchat amount: SketchSM

Reports: SketchSM Staff+

PunishGUI: SketchSM

Restore: SketchSM Staff+

Login: SketchSM Staff+

Staff chat: SketchSM Staff+

Word block: SketchSM Staff+

Alerts: Staff+ SketchSM

Full player info (Next update): SketchSM

Change permissions: SketchSM Staff+

Change commands: Staff+

Language: SketchSM Staff+

Chat Manager GUI: SketchSM

Helpop/Request: SketchSM

Panic: SketchSM

Developer API: SketchSM

AntiKB: SketchSM

Remove staff items if player uses them w/o being in staffmode: SketchSM

Strip (Next update): Staff+ SketchSM

Staff abuse checker (Next update): SketchSM

Tickets: Staff+ SketchSM


SketchSM has 25 points with 6 more features that will be added within 3 updates

Staff+ has 20 points

Note: Some features may have been forgot to be listed

Factions Fork

Features :

- /f setpaypal {paypal} {target (optional)}

- /f checkpaypal {faction}

- /f paypal

- /f clean

- /f ban {target}

- /f unban {target}

- /f banlist {target}

- /f mute {target}

- /f unmute {target}

- /f mutelist

- /f chest

- /f tnt

- /f powerboost {type} {target} {amount | reset}

- /f fly (Faction Fly)

- /f inspect

- /f focus {target}

- /f warn {faction} {reason}

- /f warnings {faction}

- /f factionmute {faction}

- /f factionmutes

- /f coupons {code}

- /f coupongive {code} {faction}

- /f couponcreate {code}

- /f warp

- /f warp {warp}

- /f setwarp {name} {password (optional)}

- /f delwarp {name}

- /f setwarp item

- /f audit

- /f checkaudit {faction}

- /f points

- /f givepoints {amount} {faction}

- /f removepoints {amount} {faction}

- /f checkpoints {faction}

/f check | /f clear - Imagine having a big faction with 100+ chunks, having to check every block would cause a ton of strain. Along with the algorithm that it would need to check all the blocks around a single block, then find a wall, then check all those chunks again with those walls. It's just not an awful idea performance wise. It's why you don't see any big servers do similar things even though it's a really cool idea. I've lowered the price because of this in case of a miscommunication.

/f worth - Most faction top plugins have this feature already in it. If you have a specific fTop plugin with an API, I'm fine with adding this real quick. FactionsUUID comes with ./f top when you install "FactionsTop" which is supplementary.

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