Terms of Service

This is the Terms of Service for Solenxia Development.

Please read these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy carefully before using or purchasing anything related to Solenxia Development.

- You may not redistribute any given files however you may give them to developers. (Please use sense of who is a Developer)

- You can not sell any of the files you are given. Contact an Owner of Solenxia regarding this issue.

- At no circumstances will we give the files/plugin first. You are agreeing to pay for the plugin or files first with F&F. You will receive the files afterwards.

- We have the rights to remove your plugin license at any given time.

- You can not file a chargeback for anything purchased. You are agreeing to not ask for a refund or chargin back on a product.

- We Reserve the Right to update these Terms of service at Any given time when Necessary.